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What Should Be Improved First?

We understand that is, of course, not perfect. We are going to develop the site in many ways, and need your input: what do you think should be improved first?

Navigation (now it's hard to find necessary book or information)

Accessibility (books and/or dictionary should be more readable)

Design (overall look and feel is unsatisfactory)

Dictionary (important words are missing or poorly defined)

Pictures (dictionary would be much more useful with illustrations)

Forum at

If had its own forum, would you use it? Are you interested in discussing books, or maybe questions that you might have about English language with fellow readers?

Not at all (I never use any forums whatsoever)

No (even though I use forums, I think forum at would be unnecessary)

Maybe (I would read it sometimes, but usually I do not post)

Probably (I think I would read it quite often and, occationally, post there)

Yes (for me, forum would be a valuable addition to

Absolutely! (I think I would use forum more often than anything else at

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