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A Popular History of Ireland : from the Earliest Period to the Emancipation of the Catholics - Volume 2 »

By Thomas D'Arcy McGee

Ireland – History

A Popular History of Ireland : from the Earliest Period to the Emancipation of the Catholics - Volume 2


Thomas D’Arcy McGee

In Two Volumes

Volume II


(Continued from Volume I)

CHAPTER IV.–Sir Henry Sidney’s Deputyship–Parliament of 1569–The Second “Geraldine League”– Sir James Fitzmaurice

CHAPTER V.–The “Undertakers” in Ulster and Leinster– Defeat and Death of Sir James Fitzmaurice

CHAPTER VI.–Sequel of the Second Geraldine League– Plantation of Munster–Early Career of Hugh O’Neil, Earl of Tyrone–Parliament of 1585

CHAPTER VII.–Battle of Glenmalure–Sir John Perrott’s Administration–The Spanish Armada– Lord Deputy Fitzwilliam–Escape of Hugh Roe O’Donnell from Dublin Castle– The Ulster Confederacy formed

CHAPTER VIII.–The Ulster Confederacy–Feagh Mac Hugh O’Byrne–Campaign of 1595–Negotiations, English and Spanish–Battle of the Yellow Ford–Its Consequences

CHAPTER IX.–Essex’s Campaign of 1599–Battle of the Curlieu Mountains–O’Neil’s Negotiations with Spain–Mountjoy Lord Deputy

CHAPTER X.–Mountjoy’s Administration–Operations in Ulster and Munster–Carew’s “Wit and Cunning”–Landing of Spaniards in the South–Battle of Kinsale–Death of O’Donnell in Spain

CHAPTER XI.–The Conquest of Munster–Death of Elizabeth, and Submission of O’Neil–“The Articles of Mellifont”

CHAPTER XII.–State of Religion and Learning during the Reign of Elizabeth


CHAPTER I.–James I.–Flight of the Earls–Confiscation of Ulster–Penal Laws–Parliamentary Opposition

CHAPTER II.–Last years of James–Confiscation of the Midland Counties–Accession of Charles I.– Grievances and “Graces”–Administration of Lord Strafford

CHAPTER III.–Lord Stafford’s Impeachment and Execution– Parliament of 1639—’41–The Insurrection of 1641–The Irish Abroad

CHAPTER IV.–The Insurrection of 1641

CHAPTER V.–The Catholic Confederation–Its Civil Government and Military Establishment

CHAPTER VI.–The Confederate War–Campaign of 1643– The Cessation

CHAPTER VII.–The Cessation and its Consequences

CHAPTER VIII.–Glamorgan’s Treaty–The New Nuncio Rinuccini– O’Neil’s Position–The Battle of Benburb

CHAPTER IX.–From the Battle of Benburb till the Landing of Cromwell at Dublin

CHAPTER X.–Cromwell’s Campaign–1649—1650

CHAPTER XI.–Close of the Confederate War

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