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A Dialogue Between Dean Swift and Tho. Prior, Esq.

In the Isles of St. Patrick’s Church, Dublin, On that

Memorable Day, October 9th, 1753

By a Friend to the Peace and Prosperity of IRELAND.

Quae Gratia Curram Armorumque fuit vivis, quae Cura nitentes Pascere Equos, eadem sequitur Tellure repostos.



Printed for G. and A. EWING, at the Angel and Bible in Dame—Street, 1753.

Transcribers Note. Inconsistent spelling has been retained as in the original text.


Page 7. Line 19. for Phrases read Praises.

P. 11. L. 18. for attack read attack’d.

P. 14. L. 25. for they r. the Ladies.

P. 17. L. 22. for emnently r. eminently.

P. 18. L. 25. for Henepius r. Henepin’s.

P. 26. L. 26. for their r. the.

P. 27. L. 13. for brag r. boast.

P. 33. L. 25. for runing r. running.

P. 34. L. 5. for St. Foil r. St. Foin.

P. 36. L. 28. for say r. see.

P. 42. L. 25. for adaequate r. inadequate.

P. 63. L. 11. for Teas r. Tea.

P. 71. L. 15. after horrid r. and.

P. 72. L. 3. for we. r. they.

P. 75. L. the last, for ’tis employ’d in, r. that accompany it.

P. 85. L. 10. after Virtue add, or Learning.

P. 88. L. 10. after Wall add, of.

P. 88. L. 31. for that r. than.




Dean Swift and Tho. Prior, Esq;

In the Isles of St. Patrick’s Church,
Dublin, Oct. 9, 1753.

PRIOR. Mr. Dean, I am sorry to see you up, if any of your private Affairs disturb you. I came to call at your Grave, and have a little Discourse with you; but unless ’tis the Publick has rouz’d you, I am troubled to find you walking as well as my self.

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