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Akbar, Emperor of India »

By Richard von Garbe

[Footnote 46: Noer, I, 490 n.]

Germany should be proud that the personality of Akbar who according to his own words “desired to live at peace with all humanity, with every creature of God,” has so inspired a noble German of princely blood in the last century that he consecrated the work of his life to the biography of Akbar. This man is the Prince Friedrich August of Schleswig—Holstein, Count of Noer, who wandered through the whole of Northern India on the track of Akbar’s activities, and on the basis of the most careful investigation of sources has given us in his large two—volumed work the best and most extensive information which has been written in Europe about the Emperor Akbar. How much his work has been a labor of love can be recognized at every step in his book but especially may be seen in a touching letter from Agra written on the 24th of April, 1868, in which he relates that he utilized the early hours of this day for an excursion to lay a bunch of fresh roses on Akbar’s grave and that no visit to any other grave had ever moved him so much as this.[47]

[Footnote 47: Noer, II, 564, 572.]

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