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Book Reader

You see this text because you:

  • either did not register and/or did not log in,
  • or did not pick a book yet, even once,
  • or you were reading a book uploaded by a user, and then that book was deleted by the user from the bookshelf.

To select a book, you may want to start with our Genres section, or Advanced Search. Alternatively, you may browse lists of books grouped by subjects or authors. Or you may browse complete list of books, althought that would be least convenient.

Registration is not required for reading book, it just makes reading much more convenient.

If you were logged in and had picked even a single book before, then, upon switching to the Reader (this page), you would have been taken to the last read page, automatically. Moreover, registered users can configure the site to take them directly to the Reader upon auto-login.

See help (click on the question mark, rightmost item of the Dictionary Menu on the right-hand side of every page). There, you can find advice on how to pick a book.

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