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Registered and logged in users can modify in many important ways, as well as enjoy other benefits while using it. Namely, registered users can:
  • Select site skin. With each skin, it is also possible to bigger fonts in book reader. The site will remember all preferences.
  • Upload own books. Registered users can upload their books, in plain text or html formats. These books will be compiled (to apply special formatting to headers, direct speach, etc.) and made available for reading through user's bookshelf.
  • Bookmark pages. This is more convenient than respective feature of your browser in many respects; for instance, if you upload your own book, bookmark its page(s), and then devete the book, will take care of the bookmarks automatically. Just like uploaded books, bookmarks can be managed using your bookshelf.
  • Customize dictionaries. By default, allows to look up its own, built-in dictionary, or Wikipedia, or Wiktionary. Registered users can replace Wiktionary with an online dictionary of their choice. You may want to read help for more info on dictionary customization.
  • Do combined searches. Users that are not logged in can search EITHER book titles, authors, genres, and/or subjects, OR text of book pages. Logged in users can combine these two types of searches.
  • Select advertizement types. It is possible to configure to display only textual ads, only graphical (rich media) ads, or both text and image ads (the default).
  • Disable extra tips, hints, and explanations and thus have less text on certain pages and enjoy cleaner site.
  • Receive site update notifications. These notifications can, of course, be disabled, but please note that our promise to you is that we will only send them when we have actual news about (so no Nothing new today, but here is this AMAZING and plainly UNBELIEVABLE offer from our sponsors!!! type of... stuff), and we will keep them concise and strictly to the point.
  • Log in automatically. The site will remember you and log you in automatically on as many computers and browsers as necessary, thus eliminating the need to re-enter your credentials — unless you tell it do otherwise.
  • Get straight to the last read page in Reader upon entering the site (this is controlled by a special User Profile option), which further simplifies the use of as an online electronic book reader.
  • More, much more to come.
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