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December 2-nd, 2012

MAJOR Update!

The dictionary is now illustrated, an extra English-Russian dictionary is available to registered users, it is now possible to look up verb (usage) frames, registered users can search the dictionary for similar words, the dictionary inset became so much more useful (with smart links and history), and the dictionaty and the site as a whole became more customizable. Check it out!

June 12-th, 2011

Design, compatibility, and usability update.

This release provides workaround for MS Internet Explorer 9 incompatibility (IE9 has compatibility issue that prevented dictionary pane from being moved around), introduces slightly new design (better layout, with more space for book text etc.), shows less ads, uses better ads defaults, and features various usability improvements.

March 27-th, 2011

Maintenance update.

This one fixes several small issues as well as a big one: under certain circumstances, registration confirmation emails were never delivered to the users; as a result, their profiles could not be activated. We sincerely apologize to those affected by the glitch. Affected profiles are now activated; all affected users were also awarded one month of completely advertisement-free browsing of

March 20-th, 2011

Performance, security, and usability update.

The Book Reader got keyboard interface (see help page), site now loads faster, and its design has changed a little bit. Also, it is now possible to recover lost passwords (or rather request temporary ones).

March 8-th, 2011

Major update — registered users can upload books now!

The new bookshelf page allows registered users to upload their books in HTML or plain text format; the books are compiled upon upload, so various headers, direct speach, and other such text elements get proper formatting. Furthermore, users can now bookmark pages of both and their own, uploaded books. Finally, registered users can control font sizes in book reader, and select image-only (rich media) ads in their profiles. A major update indeed.

December 26-th, 2010

Better usability for registered users.

Registered users just gained even more control over — they can now select types of advertisements that appear on site pages (text-only or text & image ads). Apart from that, the site has also become a bit friendlier to various search engines.

December 13-th, 2010

Minor usability improvements.

We at pay great attention to details, and this release is all about them. For instance, now when you double-click on a word to get its explanation, the bubble tries not to stretch outside page border (works in all major browsers except IE). Or when you do full-text title/author/subject/page search and you have a stopword (a word so common that it is never indexed) in your query, the search engine will not warn you (as it used to do) if that stopword is part of a sentence in double quotes, because that's perfectly valid.

December 5-th, 2010

Major dictionary update!

The site's built-in dictionary not only grew from 121,962 to 233,231 words (having 308,803 definitions), but it now also covers three times as many parts of speach — not only nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs, but also pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions, interjections (exclamations), prefixes, suffixes, contractions (abbreviations), and articles.

August 7-th, 2010 got some facelift.

This is a compatibility and stability update — the site now works better with old browsers and slower connections.

July 23-rd, 2010 went live. What's new? Everything!

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