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A Boy's Town

A Voyage with Captain Dynamite

By Charles Edward Rich
Genres: adventure, fiction, juvenile, men, nautical, people, places, young_readers
Subjects: Adventure stories/Boys/Juvenile fiction/Ship captains/Cuba
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Across the Spanish Main
A Tale of the Sea in the Days of Queen Bess

By Harry Collingwood
Genres: adventure, fiction, juvenile, men, nautical, young_readers
Subjects: Sea stories/Adventure stories/Boys/Juvenile fiction
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Bert Lloyd's Boyhood
A Story from Nova Scotia

By James Macdonald Oxley
Genres: behaviour, commonwealth, fiction, juvenile, men, religion, young_readers
Subjects: Christian life/Juvenile fiction/Friendship/Boys/Halifax (N.S.)
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Canoe Boys and Campfires
Adventures on Winding Waters

By William Murray Graydon
Genres: fiction, juvenile, men, nautical, young_readers
Subjects: Canoes and canoeing/Juvenile fiction/Boys
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Captain Horace

By Sophie May
Genres: fiction, history, juvenile, men, usa, war, young_readers
Subjects: Boys/Juvenile fiction/United States/History/Civil War, 1861-1865
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Chums of the Camp Fire

By Lawrence J. Leslie
Genres: fiction, juvenile, men, recreation, young_readers
Subjects: Boys/Juvenile fiction/Camping
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Go Ahead Boys and the Racing Motorboat

By Ross Kay
Genres: fiction, juvenile, men, nautical, technology, travel, young_readers
Subjects: Boys/Juvenile fiction/Boats and boating
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Joe Strong on the Trapeze
or The Daring Feats of a Young Circus Performer

By Vance Barnum
Genres: fiction, juvenile, men, people, recreation, young_readers
Subjects: Boys/Juvenile fiction/Circus performers/Circus/Aerialists
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Leslie Ross:
or, Fond of a Lark

By Charles Bruce
Genres: behaviour, education, fiction, humor, juvenile, men, religion, society, young_readers
Subjects: Christian life/Juvenile fiction/Conduct of life/Boys/Boarding schools/Practical jokes
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