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A Story of Boy-Life during the Peninsular War

By George Manville Fenn
Genres: fiction, war, young_readers
Subjects: Peninsular War, 1807-1814/Juvenile fiction
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A Apple Pie and Other Nursery Tales

By Unknown
Genres: fiction, folklore, juvenile, language, poetry, young_readers
Subjects: Fairy tales/Children's poetry/Children's stories/Nursery rhymes/Alphabets
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A Big Temptation

A Bit of Sunshine

By Unknown
Genre: young_readers
Subjects: Children's stories
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A Book for Kids

By Clarence James Dennis
Genres: commonwealth, poetry, young_readers
Subjects: Children's poetry, Australian/Children's stories, Australian
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A Book of Cheerful Cats and Other Animated Animals

By Joseph Greene Francis
Genres: animals, fiction, juvenile, poetry, young_readers
Subjects: Animals/Juvenile fiction/Nursery rhymes/Cats
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A Book of Myths

By Jeanie Lang
Genres: folklore, young_readers
Subjects: Mythology/Mythology, Greek/Juvenile literature
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A Book of Nonsense

By Edward Lear
Genres: humor, juvenile, literature, poetry, uk, young_readers
Subjects: Children's literature/Limericks/Nonsense verses, English/Humorous poetry, English
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A Boy's Town

A Bunch of Cherries
A Story of Cherry Court School

By L. T. Meade
Genres: education, fiction, juvenile, women, young_readers
Subjects: Schools/Juvenile fiction/Girls
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