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'Drag' Harlan

'Firebrand' Trevison

A Daughter of the Sioux
A Tale of the Indian frontier

By Charles King
Genres: fiction, people, usa, western, women
Subjects: Western stories/Dakota Indians/Fiction/Indian women
Read the book (91 pages)

A Deal in Wheat and Other Stories of the New and Old West

By Frank Norris
Genre: western
Subjects: Western stories
Read the book (71 pages)

A Prairie Infanta

By Eva Wilder Brodhead
Genres: fiction, usa, western, young_readers
Subjects: Western stories/Colorado/Juvenile fiction
Read the book (30 pages)

An Apache Princess
A Tale of the Indian Frontier

By Charles King
Genres: fiction, people, usa, western
Subjects: Western stories/Apache Indians/Fiction
Read the book (96 pages)

Arizona Nights

By Stewart Edward White
Genres: animals, fiction, people, rural, usa, western
Subjects: Western stories/Arizona/Fiction/Cattle breeders
Read the book (99 pages)

Bar-20 Days

By Clarence Edward Mulford
Genres: fiction, western
Subjects: Western stories/Cassidy, Hopalong (Fictitious character)/Fiction
Read the book (98 pages)

Baree, Son of Kazan

By James Oliver Curwood
Genres: animals, fiction, nature, western
Subjects: Dogs/Fiction/Western stories/Wolves/Nature stories
Read the book (81 pages)

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