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A Pioneer Railway of the West

By Maude Ward Lafferty
Genres: history, industry, usa
Subjects: Lexington and Ohio Rail Road Company/History/Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company
Read the book (16 pages)

A Poetical Cook-Book

By Maria J. Moss
Genres: food, poetry, usa
Subjects: Poetry/Cookery, American/Recipes
Read the book (37 pages)

A Portrait of Old George Town

By Grace Dunlop Peter
Genres: history, travel, usa
Subjects: Georgetown (Washington, D.C.)/History/Description and travel
Read the book (127 pages)

A Prairie Infanta

By Eva Wilder Brodhead
Genres: fiction, usa, western, young_readers
Subjects: Western stories/Colorado/Juvenile fiction
Read the book (30 pages)

A Preface to Politics

By Walter Lippmann
Genres: society, usa
Subjects: United States/Politics and government/Social problems
Read the book (80 pages)

A Prisoner of Morro
In the Hands of the Enemy

By Upton Sinclair
Genres: fiction, usa, war
Subjects: Spanish-American War, 1898/Fiction
Read the book (189 pages)

A Prize for Edie

By Jesse Franklin Bone
Genres: science_fiction, usa
Subjects: Science fiction, American
Read the book (4 pages)

A Protegee of Jack Hamlin's and Other Stories

By Bret Harte
Genres: fiction, short_story, usa
Subjects: Short stories/American fiction/19th century
Read the book (76 pages)

A Psychological Counter-Current in Recent Fiction

By William Dean Howells
Genres: criticism, fiction, literature, people, usa
Subjects: Fiction/Literature/Criticism and interpretation/Authors, American
Read the book (8 pages)

A Ramble of Six Thousand Miles through the United States of America

By Simon Ansley Ferrall
Genres: travel, usa
Subjects: United States/Description and travel
Read the book (72 pages)

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