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Books of Genre sexuality

Browse 45 books that belong to genre sexuality:

'Oh, Well, You Know How Women Are!'

By Irvin Shrewsbury Cobb, Mary Roberts Rinehart
Genres: humor, men, sexuality, women
Subjects: Sex differences/Humor/Women/Men
Read the book (16 pages)

A Daughter of the Land

By Gene Stratton-Porter
Genres: fiction, rural, sexuality, usa
Subjects: Indiana/Fiction/Sex role/Farm life
Read the book (170 pages)

Almost A Man

By Mary Wood-Allen
Genres: behaviour, education, sexuality
Subjects: Sexual ethics/Sex instruction
Read the book (20 pages)

Antinous: A Poem

By Fernando Ant├│nio Nogueira Pessoa
Genres: authors_and_characters, history, poetry, sexuality
Subjects: Hadrian, Emperor of Rome, 76-138/Poetry/AntinoŘs, ca. 110-130/Homosexuality
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Aphrodisiacs and Anti-aphrodisiacs: Three Essays on the Powers of Reproduction

By John Davenport
Genres: history, sexuality
Subjects: Sex/Phallicism/Sex customs/France/History/17th century
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Bertram Cope's Year


By Alexandre Dumas fils
Genres: fiction, people, places, sexuality
Subjects: Paris (France)/Fiction/Courtesans
Read the book (106 pages)

Casanova's Homecoming

By Arthur Schnitzler
Genres: adventure, authors_and_characters, bio, fiction, places, sexuality
Subjects: Biographical fiction/Adventure stories/Europe/Fiction/Casanova, Giacomo, 1725-1798/Sex customs
Read the book (50 pages)

Clever Woman of the Family

By Charlotte Mary Yonge
Genres: family, fiction, juvenile, sexuality, uk, women
Subjects: Young women/Fiction/Single women/Domestic fiction/Sex role/Women/England
Read the book (257 pages)

Essays in War-Time
Further Studies in the Task of Social Hygiene

By Havelock Ellis
Genres: medicine, sexuality, war
Subjects: Sex/War/Eugenics
Read the book (71 pages)

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