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Caleb in the Country

By Jacob Abbott
Genres: behaviour, family, fiction, religion, rural, young_readers
Subjects: Christian life/Juvenile fiction/Country life/Grandmothers
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Canned Fruit, Preserves, and Jellies: Household Methods of Preparation
U.S. Department of Agriculture Farmers' Bulletin No. 203

By Maria Parloa
Genres: craft, food, rural
Subjects: Canning and preserving/Fruit/Preservation/Jam/Jelly
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Castle Rackrent

By Maria Edgeworth
Genres: family, fiction, ireland, people, rural, society
Subjects: Domestic fiction/Landlord and tenant/Fiction/Poor families/Pastoral fiction/Ireland/Social life and customs/Landowners/Rich people/Rural conditions/Administration of estates
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Catalogue of Economic Plants in the Collection of the U. S. Department of Agriculture

By William Saunders
Genres: nature, rural, science, usa
Subjects: Botany/Agriculture/Plants, Useful/Catalogs and collections/United States. Dept. of Agriculture/Catalogs/Botany, Economic
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Change in the Village

By George Sturt
Genres: history, industry, people, rural, society, uk
Subjects: Villages/England/History/19th century/Peasantry/Working class/Rural conditions
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Chapters in Rural Progress

By Kenyon Leech Butterfield
Genres: rural, usa
Subjects: Agriculture/United States
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Chicken Little Jane on the Big John

By Lily Munsell Ritchie
Genres: fiction, juvenile, rural, usa, women, young_readers
Subjects: Girls/Juvenile fiction/Ranch life/Kansas
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Child and Country
A Book of the Younger Generation

By Will Levington Comfort
Genres: education, rural
Subjects: Education/Country life
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Community Civics and Rural Life

By Arthur William Dunn
Genres: rural, society, usa
Subjects: United States/Politics and government/Social conditions/Country life
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Country Neighbors

By Alice Brown
Genres: fiction, rural, usa
Subjects: Country life/Fiction/American fiction/20th century
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