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Fairies and Folk of Ireland

By William Henry Frost
Genres: folklore, ireland
Subjects: Folklore/Ireland
Read the book (93 pages)

Fairy Book

By Sophie May
Genres: fiction, folklore
Subjects: Fairy tales
Read the book (38 pages)

Fairy Tales from Brazil
How and Why Tales from Brazilian Folk-Lore

By Elsie Spicer Eells
Genres: fiction, folklore, places
Subjects: Folklore/Brazil/Fairy tales
Read the book (31 pages)

Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen

By Hans Christian Andersen
Genres: fiction, folklore, places, short_story, translation, young_readers
Subjects: Short stories/Fairy tales/Denmark/Children's stories, Danish/Translations into English
Read the book (449 pages)

Fairy Tales of the Slav Peasants and Herdsmen

By Alexander Chodzko
Genres: fiction, folklore, places
Subjects: Fairy tales/Slavic countries
Read the book (92 pages)

Fifty Famous Fables

Finnish Legends for English Children

By R. Eivind
Genres: folklore, places
Subjects: Folklore/Finland/Kalevala/Adaptations/Legends
Read the book (60 pages)

Flower Fables

By Louisa May Alcott
Genres: fantasy, fiction, folklore, nature, poetry, short_story, usa, young_readers
Subjects: Short stories/Children's stories, American/Fairy tales/United States/Flowers/Juvenile fiction/Juvenile poetry/Fairies
Read the book (46 pages)

Folk-Lore and Legends

By Anonymous
Genres: folklore, uk
Subjects: Legends/Scotland/Folklore
Read the book (49 pages)

Folk-lore and Legends: German

By Anonymous
Genres: folklore, places
Subjects: Folklore/Germany/Tales/Legends
Read the book (62 pages)

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