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Books of Genre folklore

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Cornwall's Wonderland

By Mabel Quiller-Couch
Genres: folklore, uk
Subjects: Legends/England/Cornwall (County)
Read the book (70 pages)

Custom and Myth

By Andrew Lang
Genres: behaviour, folklore, religion
Subjects: Religion/Folklore/Mythology/Manners and customs
Read the book (90 pages)

David and the Phoenix

By Edward Ormondroyd
Genres: adventure, fantasy, fiction, folklore, humor
Subjects: Fantasy/Humorous stories/Adventure and adventurers/Fiction/Phoenix (Mythical bird)
Read the book (50 pages)

Deirdre of the Sorrows

By John Millington Synge
Genres: drama, folklore, ireland, society, women
Subjects: Deirdre (Legendary character)/Drama/Epic literature, Irish/Adaptations/Tales/Ireland/Queens
Read the book (21 pages)

Denslow's Three Bears

By William Wallace Denslow
Genres: animals, fiction, folklore, young_readers
Subjects: Fairy tales/Children's stories/Bears/Juvenile fiction
Read the book (2 pages)

Discourses on Satire and on Epic Poetry

By John Dryden
Genres: criticism, folklore, history, humor, poetry
Subjects: Satire/Epic poetry/History and criticism
Read the book (65 pages)

Don Juan

By Baron George Gordon Byron Byron
Genres: folklore, poetry
Subjects: Don Juan (Legendary character)/Poetry
Read the book (170 pages)

Dumpy Proverbs
Dumpy Books for Children #24

By Honor C. Appleton
Genres: folklore, language, young_readers
Subjects: Picture books for children/Proverbs
Read the book (2 pages)

Dutch Fairy Tales for Young Folks

By William Elliot Griffis
Genres: fiction, folklore, places
Subjects: Fairy tales/Netherlands
Read the book (63 pages)

Early Bardic Literature, Ireland.

By Standish O'Grady
Genres: criticism, folklore, history, ireland, language, literature, music, society, uk
Subjects: Epic literature, Irish/History and criticism/Tales/Ireland/Civilization, Celtic, in literature/Language and culture/Bards and bardism
Read the book (24 pages)

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