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By Molière
Genres: drama, folklore
Subjects: Amphitryon (Greek mythology)/Drama
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An Entertaining History of Tom Thumb
William Raine's Edition

By Unknown
Genres: fiction, folklore, juvenile, poetry, young_readers
Subjects: Fairy tales/Children's poetry/Nursery rhymes/Picture books for children
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Andersen's Fairy Tales

By Hans Christian Andersen
Genres: fiction, folklore, places, translation, young_readers
Subjects: Fairy tales/Denmark/Children's stories, Danish/Translations into English
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Anecdotes of Dogs

By Edward Jesse
Genres: animals, folklore
Subjects: Dogs/Folklore
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Animal Heroes

Arthurian Chronicles: Roman de Brut

By Wace
Genres: folklore, romance, translation
Subjects: Arthurian romances/Romances/Translations into English
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At the Back of the North Wind

At the Back of the North Wind

Atlantis : the antediluvian world

By Ignatius Donnelly
Genres: folklore, nature, people, science
Subjects: Deluge/Ethnology/Atlantis
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Australian Legendary Tales: folklore of the Noongahburrahs as told to the Piccaninnies

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