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One Thousand Secrets of Wise and Rich Men Revealed

By C. A. Bogardus
Genres: education, folklore, food, language, literature, society, war
Subjects: Recipes/Proverbs/Mnemonics/Handbooks, vade-mecums, etc./Numismatics/Shooting
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Orlando Furioso

By Lodovico Ariosto
Genres: folklore, poetry, romance, society, translation
Subjects: Roland (Legendary character)/Romances/Knights and knighthood/Poetry/Epic poetry, Italian/Translations into English
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Pagan and Christian creeds: their origin and meaning

By Edward Carpenter
Genres: folklore, religion
Subjects: Religion/Mythology/Paganism/Christianity and other religions
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Parables from Flowers

By Gertrude P. Dyer
Genres: fiction, folklore, religion
Subjects: Christian fiction/Parables
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Paradise Regained

By John Milton
Genres: folklore, poetry, religion, uk
Subjects: English poetry/Epic poetry/Bible. N.T. Gospels/Poetry
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A Mystical Drama By Richard Wagner Retold In The Spirit Of The Bayreuth Interpretation

By Oliver Huckel
Genres: drama, folklore, music
Subjects: Operas/Stories, plots, etc./Perceval (Legendary character)/Drama
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Story and Analysis of Wagner's Great Opera

By Hugh Reginald Haweis
Genres: authors_and_characters, drama, folklore, music
Subjects: Operas/Stories, plots, etc./Wagner, Richard, 1813-1883. Parsifal/Perceval (Legendary character)/Drama
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By Jean Baptiste Racine
Genres: drama, folklore
Subjects: Phaedra (Greek mythology)/Drama/Tragedies
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Dramatic Episodes of the Civil Wars

By Lucan
Genres: classic, folklore, history, literature, places, poetry, translation, war
Subjects: Classical literature/Epic poetry, Latin/Translations into English/Rome/History/Civil War, 49-45 B.C./Poetry/Pharsalus, Battle of, Farsala, Greece, 48 B.C.
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Philippine Folk-Tales

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