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A Dark Night's Work

By Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell
Genres: fiction, society, uk
Subjects: England/Social life and customs/19th century/Fiction
Read the book (83 pages)

A Daughter of Raasay
A Tale of the '45

By William MacLeod Raine
Genres: fiction, history, society, uk
Subjects: Historical fiction/Jacobite Rebellion, 1745-1746/Fiction
Read the book (104 pages)

A Daughter of the Land

By Gene Stratton-Porter
Genres: fiction, rural, sexuality, usa
Subjects: Indiana/Fiction/Sex role/Farm life
Read the book (170 pages)

A Daughter of the Sioux
A Tale of the Indian frontier

By Charles King
Genres: fiction, people, usa, western, women
Subjects: Western stories/Dakota Indians/Fiction/Indian women
Read the book (91 pages)

A Day at the County Fair

By Alice Hale Burnett
Genres: fiction, juvenile, rural, women, young_readers
Subjects: Girls/Juvenile fiction/Agricultural exhibitions
Read the book (14 pages)

A Day with Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

By George Sampson
Genres: authors_and_characters, fiction, music
Subjects: Musical fiction/Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix, 1809-1847/Fiction
Read the book (10 pages)

A Dear Little Girl's Thanksgiving Holidays

By Amy Ella Blanchard
Genres: behaviour, family, fiction, juvenile, society, usa, women, young_readers
Subjects: Orphans/Juvenile fiction/Friendship/Girls/Thanksgiving Day
Read the book (53 pages)

A Diplomatic Adventure

By Silas Weir Mitchell
Genres: fiction, history, places, uk, usa, war
Subjects: Historical fiction/United States/History/Civil War, 1861-1865/Fiction/France
Read the book (38 pages)

A Dixie School Girl

By Gabrielle Emilie Jackson
Genres: education, fiction, society, young_readers
Subjects: Boarding schools/Juvenile fiction
Read the book (62 pages)

A Doctor of the Old School * Complete

By Ian Maclaren
Genres: fiction, medicine, people
Subjects: Physicians/Fiction
Read the book (28 pages)

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