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A Spoil of Office
A Story of the Modern West

By Hamlin Garland
Genres: fiction, people, rural
Subjects: Farmers/Fiction
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A Stable for Nightmares
or Weird Tales

A Strange Disappearance

By Anna Katharine Green
Genres: crime, detective, family, fiction, mystic, society, usa, women
Subjects: New York (N.Y.)/Fiction/Detective and mystery stories/Missing persons/Women domestics/Police/New York (State)/New York
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A Study in Scarlet

By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Genres: crime, detective, fiction, mystic, uk
Subjects: Holmes, Sherlock (Fictitious character)/Fiction/Private investigators/England/Detective and mystery stories
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A Summer in a Canyon

By Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin
Genres: fiction, usa
Subjects: California/Fiction
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A Tale of the Summer Holidays

By Geraldine Mockler
Genres: family, fiction, recreation, society, uk, young_readers
Subjects: England/Social life and customs/19th century/Juvenile fiction/Brothers and sisters/Play
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A Tale of Two Cities

By Charles Dickens
Genres: crime, fiction, history, people, places, society, uk
Subjects: Historical fiction/France/History/Revolution, 1789-1799/Fiction/London (England)/18th century/Executions and executioners/French/England/London/Lookalikes/British/Paris/Paris (France)/1789-1799
Read the book (205 pages)

A Tame Surrender, A Story of The Chicago Strike

By Charles King
Genres: fiction, industry, society, usa
Subjects: Chicago (Ill.)/Fiction/Pullman Strike, 1894/Strikes and lockouts
Read the book (193 pages)

A Tar-Heel Baron

By Mabell Shippie Clarke Smith
Genres: fiction, nature, usa
Subjects: Mountain life/Fiction/North Carolina
Read the book (107 pages)

A Temporary Dead-Lock

By Thomas Allibone Janvier
Genres: fiction, society, usa
Subjects: United States/Social life and customs/19th century/Fiction
Read the book (9 pages)

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