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A Sicilian Romance

By Ann Ward Radcliffe
Genres: fiction, people, places
Subjects: Sicily (Italy)/Fiction/Gothic fiction
Read the book (81 pages)

A Simple Soul

A Simpleton

By Charles Reade
Genres: fiction, uk
Subjects: English fiction/19th century
Read the book (207 pages)

A Singer from the Sea

By Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr
Genres: fiction, uk
Subjects: Cornwall (England : County)/Fiction
Read the book (123 pages)

A Soldier of the Legion

By Charles Norris Williamson, Alice Muriel Williamson
Genres: adventure, behaviour, fiction, places, war
Subjects: Africa/Fiction/Adventure stories/Man-woman relationships/France. Armée. Légion étrangère
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A Son of the Gods and A Horseman in the Sky

By Ambrose Bierce
Genres: fiction, history, usa, war
Subjects: United States/History/Civil War, 1861-1865/Fiction/War stories, American
Read the book (8 pages)

A Son of the Immortals

By Louis Tracy
Genres: art, fiction, history, love, people
Subjects: Love stories/Artists/Fiction/Kings and rulers
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A Spaceship Named McGuire

By Randall Garrett
Genres: fiction, science_fiction, technology
Subjects: Science fiction/Robots/Fiction/Space ships
Read the book (27 pages)

A Spirit in Prison

A Spirit of Avarice
Odd Craft, Part 11.

By William Wymark Jacobs
Genres: fiction, humor, nautical, society, uk
Subjects: Humorous stories, English/England/Social life and customs/Fiction/Sailors
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