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A Little Princess
being the whole story of Sara Crewe now told for the first time

By Frances Hodgson Burnett
Genres: education, family, fiction, society, uk
Subjects: Orphans/Fiction/Boarding schools/Schools/London (England)
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A Lost Hero

A Manifest Destiny

A Manual of the Art of Fiction

A Master's Degree

By Margaret Hill McCarter
Genres: education, fiction, people
Subjects: Didactic fiction/College teachers/Fiction
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A Matter of Magnitude

By Al Sevcik
Genres: fiction, science_fiction, short_story
Subjects: Science fiction/Short stories/Space ships/Fiction
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A Memory Of The Southern Seas

By Louis Becke
Genres: fiction, nautical, short_story, society, usa
Subjects: Short stories/Pacific Area/Social life and customs/Fiction/South Pacific Ocean
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A Message from the Sea

By Charles Dickens
Genres: fiction, uk
Subjects: English fiction/19th century
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A Middy of the King
A Romance of the Old British Navy

By Harry Collingwood
Genres: crime, fiction, nautical, travel, uk, young_readers
Subjects: Great Britain/Fiction/Pirates/Juvenile fiction/Seafaring life
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A Midsummer Night's Dream

By William Shakespeare
Genres: drama, fiction, folklore, humor, love, places
Subjects: Comedies/Courtship/Drama/Athens (Greece)/Fairy plays
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