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'Our Guy'
or, The elder brother

By Mrs. E. E. Boyd
Genres: behaviour, family, fiction, religion
Subjects: Christian life/Fiction/Brothers and sisters
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'Twixt Land and Sea

By Joseph Conrad
Genres: fiction, uk
Subjects: English fiction
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...After a Few Words...

By Randall Garrett
Genres: fiction, industry, science_fiction
Subjects: Science fiction/Advertising/Fiction
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By Mary Johnston
Genres: adventure, authors_and_characters, bio, fiction, history, nautical, uk, usa
Subjects: Historical fiction/Sea stories/Biographical fiction/Columbus, Christopher/Fiction/Discoveries in geography/Jewish sailors/Explorers/Admirals/America/Discovery and exploration
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Conversation as it was by the Social Fireside in the Time of the Tudors

By Mark Twain
Genres: authors_and_characters, fiction, history, humor, uk
Subjects: Satire/Great Britain/History/Elizabeth, 1558-1603/Fiction/Raleigh, Walter, Sir, 1552?-1618/Imaginary conversations
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32 Caliber

A Apple Pie and Other Nursery Tales

By Unknown
Genres: fiction, folklore, juvenile, language, poetry, young_readers
Subjects: Fairy tales/Children's poetry/Children's stories/Nursery rhymes/Alphabets
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A Beautiful Alien

By Julia Magruder
Genres: behaviour, fiction
Subjects: Man-woman relationships/Fiction
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A Black Adonis

By Linn Boyd Porter
Genres: fiction, people, usa
Subjects: African Americans/Fiction
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A Book of Cheerful Cats and Other Animated Animals

By Joseph Greene Francis
Genres: animals, fiction, juvenile, poetry, young_readers
Subjects: Animals/Juvenile fiction/Nursery rhymes/Cats
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