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Canada for Gentlemen

By James Seaton Cockburn
Genres: commonwealth, society, travel
Subjects: Canada/Emigration and immigration/Description and travel
Read the book (71 pages)

Canadian Crusoes

By Catharine Parr Strickland Traill
Genres: adventure, commonwealth, fiction, people, usa
Subjects: Frontier and pioneer life/Ontario/Fiction/Indians of North America
Read the book (99 pages)

Canterbury Pieces

By Samuel Butler
Genres: commonwealth, travel
Subjects: New Zealand/Description and travel
Read the book (18 pages)

Captain Desmond, V.C.

By Maud Diver
Genres: commonwealth, fiction, history, places, uk
Subjects: India/History/British occupation, 1765-1947/Fiction/British
Read the book (186 pages)


By William Alexander Fraser
Genres: commonwealth, fiction, history, uk
Subjects: India/History/British occupation, 1765-1947/Fiction
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Catalogue of British Columbia Birds

By Francis Kermode
Genres: animals, commonwealth
Subjects: Birds/British Columbia
Read the book (44 pages)

Chronicles of Avonlea

By Lucy Maud Montgomery
Genres: commonwealth, fiction, juvenile, literature, young_readers
Subjects: Children's literature/Fiction/Canada
Read the book (93 pages)

Colonel Thorndyke's Secret

By George Alfred Henty
Genres: commonwealth, crime, detective, fiction, mystic, people, society, uk
Subjects: Detective and mystery stories/India/Social life and customs/Fiction/Hindus/England
Read the book (167 pages)

Colonial Born
A tale of the Queensland bush

By G. Firth Scott
Genres: commonwealth, fiction
Subjects: Australia/Fiction
Read the book (113 pages)

Comments on the Taxonomy and Geographic Distribution of Some North American Rabbits

By Eugene Raymond Hall, Keith R. Kelson
Genres: animals, commonwealth, usa
Subjects: Rabbits/Mammals/North America
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