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Australian Search Party

By Charles Henry Eden
Genres: adventure, commonwealth
Subjects: Australia/Discovery and exploration
Read the book (35 pages)

Australian Writers

By Desmond Byrne
Genres: commonwealth, criticism, history, literature
Subjects: Australian literature/History and criticism
Read the book (65 pages)

Back to Billabong

By Mary Grant Bruce
Genres: commonwealth, fiction
Subjects: Australia/Fiction
Read the book (110 pages)

Back to God's Country and Other Stories

By James Oliver Curwood
Genres: commonwealth, fiction, short_story, usa
Subjects: Short stories, American/Canada/Fiction
Read the book (89 pages)

Baddeck, and That Sort of Thing

By Charles Dudley Warner
Genres: commonwealth, travel
Subjects: Nova Scotia/Description and travel/Baddeck (N.S.)
Read the book (41 pages)

Ballads of a Cheechako

By Robert William Service
Genres: adventure, commonwealth, poetry, usa
Subjects: Frontier and pioneer life/Yukon Territory/Poetry/Klondike River Valley (Yukon)/Gold discoveries
Read the book (26 pages)

Barlaam and Ioasaph

By Saint John of Damascus
Genres: commonwealth, folklore, men, people, religion, romance
Subjects: Gautama Buddha/Legends/Adaptations/Christian saints/India/Romances/Princes
Read the book (85 pages)

A Tale of the Indian Mutiny

By George Manville Fenn
Genres: commonwealth, fiction, history, places, society, uk
Subjects: India/History/Sepoy Rebellion, 1857-1858/Fiction/British
Read the book (84 pages)

Behind the Beyond
and Other Contributions to Human Knowledge

By Stephen Leacock
Genres: commonwealth, humor, society
Subjects: Canadian wit and humor/Canada/Civilization
Read the book (48 pages)

Bert Lloyd's Boyhood
A Story from Nova Scotia

By James Macdonald Oxley
Genres: behaviour, commonwealth, fiction, juvenile, men, religion, young_readers
Subjects: Christian life/Juvenile fiction/Friendship/Boys/Halifax (N.S.)
Read the book (114 pages)

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