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India, Old and New

By Sir Valentine Chirol
Genres: commonwealth, society
Subjects: India/Politics and government/1765-1947
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India: What can it teach us?
A Course of Lectures Delivered before the University Of Cambridge

By Friedrich Max Müller
Genres: commonwealth, criticism, history, literature
Subjects: India/Sanskrit literature/History and criticism/Vedas
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Indian Legends of Vancouver Island

By Alfred Carmichael
Genres: commonwealth, folklore, people
Subjects: Legends/British Columbia/Vancouver Island/Indians of North America/Folklore
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Indian speeches (1907-1909)

By John Morley
Genres: commonwealth, society, uk
Subjects: India/Great Britain/Colonies/Asia/Administration
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Indian Tales

By Rudyard Kipling
Genres: commonwealth, fiction, society
Subjects: India/Social life and customs/Fiction
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Indian Unrest

By Sir Valentine Chirol
Genres: commonwealth, education, society
Subjects: India/Social conditions/Politics and government/1857-1919/Education
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Indian Why Stories
Sparks from War Eagle's Lodge-Fire

By Frank Bird Linderman
Genres: commonwealth, folklore, people, usa
Subjects: Tales/North America/Siksika Indians/Folklore/Ojibwa Indians/Cree Indians
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Irish Ned
The Winnipeg Newsy

By Samuel Fea
Genres: bio, commonwealth, people, periodical, society
Subjects: Newspaper vendors/Manitoba/Winnipeg/Biography/Winnipeg (Man.)/Social life and customs
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Janet's Love and Service

By Margaret Murray Robertson
Genres: behaviour, commonwealth, family, fiction, people, religion, uk, usa
Subjects: Family/Fiction/Christian life/Motherless families/Canada/New England/Clergy/Family relationships/Domestics/Scotland/Emigration and immigration
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Joe Wilson and His Mates

By Henry Lawson
Genres: adventure, commonwealth, fiction, history, uk
Subjects: Historical fiction/Frontier and pioneer life/Australia/Fiction
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