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Books of Genre art

Browse 170 books that belong to genre art:

The Beautiful
An Introduction to Psychological Aesthetics

By Vernon Lee
Genres: art, medicine
Subjects: Psychology, Applied/Aesthetics/Form (Aesthetics)
Read the book (39 pages)

The Beldonald Holbein

By Henry James
Genres: art, family, fiction, people, uk
Subjects: London (England)/Fiction/Cousins/Artists
Read the book (10 pages)

The Best Portraits in Engraving

By Charles Sumner
Genres: art, craft
Subjects: Portraits/Engraving
Read the book (11 pages)

The Botanic Garden
A Poem in Two Parts. Part 1: the Economy of Vegetation

By Erasmus Darwin
Genres: art, nature, poetry
Subjects: Natural history/Plants/Poetry/Portland Vase
Read the book (150 pages)

The Boy Artist.
A Tale for the Young

By F. M. S.
Genres: art, behaviour, family, fiction, people, young_readers
Subjects: Conduct of life/Juvenile fiction/Brothers and sisters/Artists
Read the book (30 pages)

The Children's Book of Celebrated Pictures

By Lorinda Munson Bryant
Genres: art, young_readers
Subjects: Art/Juvenile literature/Painting
Read the book (25 pages)

The Comedienne

By W?adys?aw Stanis?aw Reymont
Genres: art, fiction, places
Subjects: Poland/Fiction/Actresses
Read the book (159 pages)

The Crown of Wild Olive
also Munera Pulveris
Aratra Pentelici
The Ethics of the Dust
Fiction, Fair and Foul
The Elements of Drawing

By John Ruskin
Genres: architecture, art, behaviour, craft, criticism, education, history, industry, literature, uk, war
Subjects: Conduct of life/Economics/English literature/History and criticism/War/Work/Architecture/Drawing/Study and teaching
Read the book (370 pages)

The Dark Flower

By John Galsworthy
Genres: art, fiction, people, places, uk
Subjects: England/Fiction/Italy/Artists
Read the book (104 pages)

The Diary of an Ennuyée

By Anna Jameson
Genres: art, places, travel
Subjects: Italy/Description and travel/Art
Read the book (96 pages)

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