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Perez the Mouse

By Luis Coloma
Genres: animals, fiction, young_readers
Subjects: Mice/Juvenile fiction
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Phebe, the Blackberry Girl
Uncle Thomas's Stories for Good Children

By Anonymous
Genres: animals, behaviour, fiction, juvenile, poetry, society, young_readers
Subjects: Children's poetry/Children/Conduct of life/Juvenile fiction/Children and animals/Social life and customs
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Pleistocene Bats from San Josecito Cave, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

By J. Knox Jones
Genres: animals, history, nature, science
Subjects: Bats, Fossil/Paleontology/Pleistocene
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Policeman Bluejay

By Lyman Frank Baum
Genres: animals, fantasy, fiction, nature
Subjects: Fantasy/Birds/Fiction/Nature
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Prince and Rover of Cloverfield Farm

By Helen Fuller Orton
Genres: animals, fiction, rural, young_readers
Subjects: Dogs/Juvenile fiction/Farm life/Horses
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Prince Jan, St. Bernard

Pussy and Doggy Tales

By Edith Nesbit
Genres: animals, fiction, young_readers
Subjects: Dogs/Juvenile fiction/Cats
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Quadrupeds, What They Are and Where Found
A Book of Zoology for Boys

Queer Little Folks

By Harriet Beecher Stowe
Genres: animals, fiction, folklore
Subjects: Animals/Fiction/Animals, Legends and stories of/Folklore
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Rab and His Friends

By John Brown
Genres: animals, authors_and_characters, bio, folklore, juvenile, literature, people, uk
Subjects: Dogs/Folklore/Brown, John, 1810-1882/Childhood and youth/Authors, English/19th century/Biography
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