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Gene Stratton-Porter

Life years: 1863 — 1924
Wikipedia: Gene Stratton-Porter
There are 10 books by Gene Stratton-Porter in our library:

A Daughter of the Land

Genres: fiction, rural, sexuality, usa
Subjects: Indiana/Fiction/Sex role/Farm life
Read the book (170 pages)

A Girl of the Limberlost

Genres: behaviour, education, fiction, juvenile, nature, society, usa, women
Subjects: Indiana/Fiction/Bildungsromans/Girls/Conflict of generations/Swamps
Read the book (180 pages)

At the Foot of the Rainbow

Genres: behaviour, fiction, rural, usa
Subjects: Indiana/Fiction/Friendship/Farm life/Interpersonal relations
Read the book (82 pages)


Genre: young_readers
Subjects: Juvenile literature
Read the book (117 pages)

Her Father's Daughter

Genres: adventure, fiction, society
Subjects: Adventure and adventurers/Fiction/Racism
Read the book (175 pages)

a true blue story

Genres: education, fiction, usa
Subjects: Didactic fiction/Indiana/Fiction
Read the book (203 pages)

Michael O'Halloran

Genres: education, family, fiction, town_life, usa
Subjects: Orphans/Fiction/Didactic fiction/City and town life/Indiana
Read the book (221 pages)

Moths of the Limberlost

Genres: animals, usa
Subjects: Moths/Indiana
Read the book (59 pages)

The Harvester

Genres: education, fiction, nature, people, usa
Subjects: Herbalists/Fiction/Didactic fiction/Indiana
Read the book (207 pages)

The Song of the Cardinal

Genres: animals, nature, science
Subjects: Birds/Nature study/Cardinals (Birds)
Read the book (32 pages)

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