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Rafael Sabatini

Life years: 1875 — 1950
Wikipedia: Rafael Sabatini
There are 17 books by Rafael Sabatini in our library:

Bardelys the Magnificent
being an account of the strange wooing pursued by the Sieur Marcel de Saint-Pol, marquis of Bardelys...

Genres: authors_and_characters, fiction, history, places
Subjects: France/History/Louis XIII, 1610-1643/Fiction
Read the book (113 pages)

Captain Blood

Genres: adventure, crime, fiction, history, medicine, nautical, people, places, uk
Subjects: Historical fiction/Sea stories/Physicians/Fiction/Adventure stories/Pirates/Caribbean Area/British
Read the book (171 pages)


Genres: fiction, history, places
Subjects: Italy/History/1492-1559/Fiction
Read the book (126 pages)

Mistress Wilding

Genres: adventure, fiction, history, love, uk, war
Subjects: Historical fiction/War stories/Love stories/Adventure stories
Read the book (136 pages)

Saint Martin's Summer

Genres: fiction, places, society
Subjects: Inheritance and succession/Fiction/Nobility/France/Social life and customs
Read the book (132 pages)


Genres: adventure, art, fiction, history, places, society, travel, uk
Subjects: Historical fiction/France/History/Revolution, 1789-1799/Fiction/Adventure stories/Theater, Traveling
Read the book (193 pages)

The Historical Nights' Entertainment
First Series

Genre: history
Subjects: History
Read the book (155 pages)

The Historical Nights' Entertainment
Second Series

Genre: history
Subjects: History
Read the book (106 pages)

The Life of Cesare Borgia

Genres: authors_and_characters, places, society
Subjects: Renaissance/Italy/Borgia, Cesare, 1476?-1507
Read the book (160 pages)

The Lion's Skin

Genres: authors_and_characters, fiction, history, uk
Subjects: Great Britain/History/James III, 1701-1766/Fiction
Read the book (130 pages)

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