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George Manville Fenn

Life years: 1831 — 1909
Wikipedia: George Manville Fenn
There are 83 books by George Manville Fenn in our library:

The Silver Canyon
A Tale of the Western Plains

Genres: adventure, fiction, usa, western, young_readers
Subjects: Western stories/Adventure and adventurers/Juvenile fiction/Frontier and pioneer life/New Mexico
Read the book (143 pages)

The Vast Abyss
The Story of Tom Blount, his Uncles and his Cousin Sam

Genre: fiction
Subjects: Fiction
Read the book (219 pages)

The Weathercock
Being the Adventures of a Boy with a Bias

The Young Castellan
A Tale of the English Civil War

Genres: fiction, history, uk, war
Subjects: Great Britain/History/Civil War, 1642-1649/Fiction
Read the book (158 pages)

Three Boys
or the Chiefs of the Clan Mackhai

Through Forest and Stream
The Quest of the Quetzal

To The West

To Win or to Die
A Tale of the Klondike Gold Craze

Trapped by Malays
A Tale of Bayonet and Kris

Will of the Mill

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