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George Manville Fenn

Life years: 1831 — 1909
Wikipedia: George Manville Fenn
There are 83 books by George Manville Fenn in our library:

The King's Sons

The Kopje Garrison
A Story of the Boer War

Genres: fiction, war
Subjects: South African War, 1899-1902/Fiction
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The Little Skipper
A Son of a Sailor

The Lost Middy
Being the Secret of the Smugglers' Gap

The New Forest Spy

The Ocean Cat's Paw
The Story of a Strange Cruise

The Peril Finders

The Powder Monkey

The Queen's Scarlet
The Adventures and Misadventures of Sir Richard Frayne

Genres: crime, family, fiction, music, people, war
Subjects: Cousins/Fiction/Soldiers/Forgers/Musicians
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The Rajah of Dah

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