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Silas Weir Mitchell

Life years: 1829 — 1914
Wikipedia: Silas Weir Mitchell
There are 8 books by Silas Weir Mitchell in our library:

A Diplomatic Adventure

Genres: fiction, history, places, uk, usa, war
Subjects: Historical fiction/United States/History/Civil War, 1861-1865/Fiction/France
Read the book (38 pages)

Doctor and Patient

Genre: medicine
Subjects: Medicine/Physician and patient
Read the book (42 pages)

Fat and Blood
An Essay on the Treatment of Certain Forms of Neurasthenia and Hysteria

Genres: behaviour, medicine, recreation
Subjects: Hysteria/Neurasthenia/Rest
Read the book (60 pages)

Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker

Mr. Kris Kringle
A Christmas Tale

Genre: religion
Subjects: Christmas stories
Read the book (10 pages)

The Autobiography of a Quack and the Case of George Dedlow

Genres: fiction, medicine
Subjects: Fiction/Medicine
Read the book (37 pages)

Wear and Tear
or, Hints for the Overworked


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