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Maurice Henry Hewlett

Life years: 1861 — 1923
Wikipedia: Maurice Henry Hewlett
There are 14 books by Maurice Henry Hewlett in our library:

Earthwork out of Tuscany
Being Impressions and Translations of Maurice Hewlett

Genres: art, places, travel
Subjects: Art/Italy/Tuscany/Tuscany (Italy)/Description and travel
Read the book (52 pages)

Gudrid the Fair
A Tale of the Discovery of America

Genres: adventure, fiction, people, usa
Subjects: Discoveries in geography/Fiction/America/Discovery and exploration/Northmen
Read the book (58 pages)

Helen Redeemed and Other Poems

Genre: poetry
Subjects: Poetry
Read the book (126 pages)

In a Green Shade
A Country Commentary

Genres: essay, uk
Subjects: English essays
Read the book (61 pages)

Little Novels of Italy

Genres: fiction, places, society
Subjects: Italy/Social life and customs/Fiction
Read the book (114 pages)

Lore of Proserpine

Love and Lucy

Genre: fiction
Subjects: Fiction
Read the book (84 pages)

Rest Harrow
A Comedy of Resolution

The Fool Errant
Being the Memoirs of Francis-Anthony Strelley, Esq., Citizen of Lucca

Genres: fiction, history, uk
Subjects: Historical fiction
Read the book (132 pages)

The Forest Lovers

Genres: fiction, history, love, society, uk
Subjects: Historical fiction/Knights and knighthood/Fiction/England/Love stories
Read the book (137 pages)

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