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Ouida (a.k.a. Louise de la Ramée)

Life years: 1839 — 1908
Wikipedia: Ouida
There are 10 books by Ouida in our library:

A Dog of Flanders

Genres: animals, folklore
Subjects: Dogs/Folklore
Read the book (18 pages)




Genre: fiction
Subjects: Fiction
Read the book (14 pages)

Stories By English Authors: France (Selected by Scribners)

Stories by English Authors: Germany (Selected by Scribners)

Genre: short_story
Subjects: Short stories
Read the book (56 pages)

The Nürnberg Stove

The Waters of Edera

Under Two Flags

Genres: fiction, places
Subjects: Algeria/Fiction
Read the book (323 pages)

Wisdom, Wit, and Pathos of Ouida
Selected from the Works of Ouida

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