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A.L.O. C.

Fernán Caballero (a.k.a. Cecilia Francisca Josefa Bohl De Faber y Larrea)

James Branch Cabell

George Washington Cable

Mildred Cable

Life years: 1878 — 1952
Browse 1 book by Mildred Cable

Boyd Cable (a.k.a. Ernest Andrew Ewart)

Life years: 1878 — 1943
Browse 2 books by Boyd Cable

W. Waithman Caddell

Adelaide Cadogan

John Cadwalader

Life years: 1742 — 1786
Browse 1 book by John Cadwalader

John Henry Cady

Life years: 1846 — 1927
Browse 1 book by John Henry Cady

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