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About the Advanced Learners' Online Library

What is and what makes it different?

Large Free Collection of Electronic Books

As of today, it contains 22,595 volumes by 8,317 authors. Registered users can upload own books to their bookshelves for reading, as well as manage bookmarks.

Instant Illustrated Dictionary Look-up will show you, using its built-in dictionary with 527,784 definitions of 257,030 words, explanation of any word on which you double-click, like this: dictionary pop-up screenshot

Screenshot of the built-in dictionary look-up pane.

In our dictionary, 17,623 definitions in 16,594 entries are illustrated.

Try to double-click words on this page and see what happens. Please note that you can grab these pop-ups/balloons and move them around. To hide them, simply click somewhere outside them but within page borders.

It is also possible to easily look up selected words using Wikipedia, Wiktionary, or custom online dictionary — see help page for more information on dictionaries and customization.

Easy Navigation

The collection is carefully and thoroughly categorized and cross-linked, there are 64 genres and 8,719 subjects with which the books are tagged. It's easy to find similar books. See help page for the detailed explanation of the best and easiest way to find a book.

Powerful Search

We have Advanced Search that supports full-text, natural language, ranked search of not only book authors, titles, and subjects, but also book pages. Furthermore, supports such such an exotic but highly useful way of searching as boolean search for genres. In plain English: it is easily possible to, say, find all books that are tagged with detective AND horror but NOT with nautical — be sure to check our Genre Assistant.

Site Skins is unique in that it supports site skins. Additionally, while reading a book it is possible to pick one of the five font sizes for each of the three skins.


Registered users can also customize beyond simple skin selection (although we took special care not to turn this into a feature creature). Please see user profile page and respective help page for further information on options and features available to registered users. Registration is FREE.

Clean Design has simple, clean design of an application. It is meant to be a tool, or an electronic appliance — as convenient as a good MP3 player or ebook reader is. It also differs from other ebook repositories in that it is built to be used as an online Reader assisting its users in many ways (explaining words, remembering last read page, etc.)

Edutainment was built with two purposes in mind: entertainment and education. For the former, it provides extensive, easily searchable collection of books and convenient, smart onine Reader. For the latter, it provides easiest possible access to dictionaries, as well as special categorization. Please note that our categories (genres) allow to easily find books from and/or about the US, UK, Ireland, Commonwealth states, and the likes. Also, it is easily possible to separate books originally written in English from translated ones.

Fresh Look at Many Things

Getting Started with

If you are looking for any good book then we suggest that you start with our genres and go from there. If you are looking for a particular book, we'd advise to use our Advanced Search.

It is highly recommended to register. Not only will you be able to customize the site, but will also remember last read book page for you, allow for better searches, etc. — see this page for more information.

There is some information on philosophy behind on this page, which you might find interesting and/or entertaining.

Further questions? Please see our help page.

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